We provide SDKs, tools and templates for complete Apps as Open Source projects via Github to enable you to deliver consumable features as quick as possible.


All API functions of our apps can be used via HTTP. However, for some common programming languages we provide ready-to-use implementations in the form of SDKs to make it easier to access these APIs. In addition, the SDKs contain various additions for the respective programming language, which might be helpful for app development, but are missing in the core of the programming language.

The SDKs are not yet complete, but will be further developed accordingly.

App Templates

The templates contain not only a well thought-out basic project structure and simple example code, but also the necessary scripts for a fully automated blue-green deployment to AWS. In addition, they demonstrate the practical use of the corresponding SDKs.  

We use these templates for many of our own apps, so that we don't have to do basic work and considerations over and over again and can create additional value as quickly as possible. Usually, the individual teams adapt the template to their own needs, because the personal preferences vary from team to team. That's what's wanted. It's also ok if you don't use these templates for your own d.velop cloud apps. The templates are an offer and not a requirement.

Material Design Template

As a developer, you usually find it difficult to develop visually appealing UIs despite a Design System. For this reason, our design team provides material design templates for complete HTML pages. The idea is to use these pages as a starting point for your own pages and get good results faster.